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adapting the center sump 62 to 66 oil pump onto the 57 to 61

this is a great trick if converting your rear sump engine to a center sump.. or just can't get a 59 to 61 oil pump for you 57 to 61 engine. if using a 62 to 66 oil pump on a rear sump engine, you need a 65/66 GS skylark pickup, or a custom one that we sell.) I used green loctite and steaked the hole in with a piece of a bolt on the hole that didn't line up with the 62 and later oil pump. I installed the distributor and locked down the other bolt to establish where the oil pump needs to sit without binding in the distributor. It's very important there isn't binding and that the distributor is allowed to spin smooth and true! Lock down the oil pump where it's happy. The mounting surface for the pump was hitting the oil pump so I had to bevel the edge a little on this perticular block. This might not be an issue on all block castings. Now center punch the new hole and drill and tap it.. make sure you install the distributor again and check for binding with the oil pump locked down for final installation. if after drilling the new hole, you get binding when you mount the oil pump back down, do not panic!. slightly oversize the mounting hole on the pump and lock it back down againt where its happy with zero bind. this same swap can be done to adapt a 59 to 61 rear sump pump to the 62 to 66 blocks

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