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road draft valley pan restoration

Pro tip: Although really basic to many people... It gets overlooked 90 percent of the time on a rebuild. Mostly because shops don't want to spend the time to do the extra work. Pre 63 valley pans need the road draft baffle completely removed to clean out the brillow and other contamination, which can and will otherwise fall in the engine. Tanking it, just breaks it down even more and makes it worse, and I don't care how well you mask it off,. If you blast it, it's now full of grit, even more so. Same with original breathers. Get new ones when you rebuild the engine. We sell reproductions that are nicer than the originals. The premise behind the brillow in the valley pan baffle, is it's coated in a film of oil that was supposed to filter air and dirt potentially coming up the road draft at low cruise speeds and idle, and it's in the breather for the same function when breather is an inlet under road draft operation at cruise speeds. You do not need to replace the brillow. Just leave it out. Especially with a pcv conversion, it does nothing. on the early engine valley pans, the baffle has multiple chambers. you may find it more time efficient to just make a new baffle as shown below.

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