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tip to avoid broken rocker stands

Pro tip:

Get calls fairly often over broken rocker stands. When you re-use early non-shouldered rocker bolts, you MUST replace the washers. The reason why, is once the bolt got torqued when it was new, the washer becomes distorted upon being tightened. Then you go to assemble it again during a rebuild and it splits the stand when you tighten it down, because now all the force of the bolt is applied to a small concentrated area on the washer which just splits the stand. (Stands are not made new!) I use really thick heavy duty grade 8 washers. That's why Buick switched to the better bolt design in 59. (There's 3 different rocker bolt styles.). Also we sell new rockers and shafts, as well as rebuilt assemblies with bronze bushings, for all the different rocker applications. #torque spec for rocker bolts is 35 ft pounds

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