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track bar bushing installation

Product spotlight: track bar bushings for 63 to 70 rivi and 60 to 64 full size Buick. These are one of the few unrelated engine parts we sell. Track bar bushings are always bad on these unrestored cars. Original bushings are soft rubber that isn't a solid construction design, so they didn't last long. Adding more castor to the front end on these cars plus replacing track bars with these solid urethane bushings make a huge difference in handling. Installation is easy at home In Your garage, just requiring a bench, vice, air compressor, sawzall, and air chisel. if you have patience, you can even do it without the air chisel. Cut stress relief cuts on old bushing retainers after popping out old rubber... and then they slide out with your air chisel fairly easy. Press new bushings in with a vice. Use supplied lubricant on center sleeve prior to pressing them in the same way in your vice. OG hardware is almost always bad. If you don't have to cut off the old bolts, even still the threads are usually pulled. Kit is 45 with new hardware. Otherwise it's just 35 bucks for just the bushing kit. prices subject to change at any time without warning.

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