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water manifold gasket replacement

I get 1 or 2 messages a week regarding leaking water manifold bypass passage O rings... Here's how I do it with good success. Glue the side gaskets on with whatever you want. I use 3m weather stripping adhesive. Let it set for a couple minutes and then put on a glove and cake black silicone on the O ring inside and out. Install it while paying attention to not covering the opening with sealer. Then I add a little more sealer to the outside of the O ring after its on... Don't put too much sealer on the side seals or it will mush out the top and look like crap, upon installation.. Then push it straight down. Usually you need to give it a love tap with a rubber mallet. You will notice that you can put the bolts in without the manifold being all the way down, so pay attention that it is in fact bottomed out and the entire nipple is is submerged into the timing cover. Guys tell me you need two O rings to make it seal. Don't do that. The factory didn't need two O rings, and neither do you. If you put two on, then the manifold will not seat down all the way like its supposed to

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