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where to get the right color

Get asked multiple times a day, where to get the correct green. Google "bill Hirsch". 40 bucks a quart to shoot or brush, or 20 bucks a rattle can. Takes about 6 rattle cans to cover a whole engine well. shooting it with a gun is best. i don't cut it with anything.

If you're looking for an over the counter, cheaper rattle can, check out dulicolor "ford green" part #DE1617. Some batches of that color are almost identicle. Only other company I know that sells the right color is CARS. Their color used to be wrong, but they've fixed it and its the same as Bill Hirsch now. A lot of people claim "detroit diesel alpine green" is the same color but its completely different and too light. Also take note that not all nailheads were green. 63 riviera was silver, without counting some out of country cars. In 66, riviera, gran sport skylark, and gran sport wildcat had red engines. Again, excluding some out of countey models. The rest of the nailheads were green in 66..

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