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Nailhead Buick
Centerville Auto Repair 
Buick NAILHEAD V8 1953-1966 Engine Specialist  
prices on website are subject to change at a moments notice.  we are not responsible for honoring old prices.  

with a combined experience of over 70 years of dedication to the buick nailhead engine family, we are here to here to help with advice and product support.  Being that all we work on and sell parts for, are these engines.  we have first hand experience over what parts work, which don't.  which are are a must, and which are a waste of money.  we never pressure our customers into making purchases, and we never give advice that we wouldn't take ourselves in the same circumstances.  we take pride in being a small American family business.  The parts we sell are made in USA whenever possible.  


You can count on Nailhead Buick to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

* Complete Engine Rebuilds

We clean and inspect all parts,mag for cracks, grind casting flash from the inside of the block, match coolant transfer passages, bore block, hone with deck plate, deck block, replace cam bearings, resize connecting rods, replace pistons, wrist pins and rings, grind crank, new rod and main bearings, rebuild the heads with new valves, guides and springs, install intake valve seals, new adjustable push rods, lifters, camshaft, timing chain and sprockets. Rebuild or replace oil pump. All new oil galley and freeze plugs, gaskets and seals. Assembled here in our shop engine with the most  experienced Nailhead engine builders in the country.

* Distributor Recurving 

* Offy Intake Repair