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never use bronze guides/liners.  they will not last.  NEVER install hard seats in the heads.  water jacket is too close to valve seat.  if the machinist doesnt crack heads upon install, they will more than likely crack later on.  valve seals were not used until 66, and only then on intakes. when rebuilding heads, we always use seals on intakes, even though the factory didn't. never run seals on exhaust unless running roller rockers which flood the top end with oil.  otherwise stems will gall.  53 valves are same diameter as 54 aside from stem length.  53 is shorter as combustion chamber is taller.  all 54 to 66 valves are the same overall length.   intake valve diameter is 1 3/4 on all 322/264.  exhaust valve diameter for 53 and 54 is 1 1/4.  (that's where the phrase nailhead is derived from.)   exhaust diameter for 55/56 was 1 3/8.   intake valve diameter for all 57 to 66 nailheads was 1 7/8.  exhaust valve diameter for 57/58 was 1 7/16.  exhaust valve diameter for 59 to 66 was 1 1/2.  stem install height was the same for all nailheads.... measured from valve cover gasket surface, should be 1.540".  spring install height from 53 to 58 was 1.500" measured from bottom of spring pocket.  59 to 66 were all 1.600 spring install height.   guide clearances should be .002-.0025 on intake and .003-.0035 on exhaust.  replacement valves typically have .0005 to .001 stem taper.  big end should match tight figures.

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