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Latest Dyno Results


We don’t have a dyno but work with shops that do and help with the testing. The latest one was a 1957 364 low compression engine with a bigger cam, the 59-66 valves slight bore and stroke so about 380 ci but only 9.0 compression. Keep in mind the engine flows only 575cfm so it makes to sense. A stock Offy intake would have 75 to 100 HP loss over a stock 4 barrel! After break in a 650 carb was installed on a 4 barrel intake, 393 FPT @ 3600 rpm and max HP was 332 @ 5100 rpm. Next our “modified” 2×4 Offy with two 500 cfm Edelbrocks 363 FPT @ 3600 rpm and 310 hp @ 5100 rpm. Next switched to two 600’s carbs.. 382 FPT and 352 HP @ 5400 rpm The last was a single 4 barrel intake, 850 CFM carb 422 FPT @ 3600 and 377 HP @ 5500!! This proves again bigger is better with these engines. Notice the 42 HP power loss with the 500’s vs the 600’s? I believe a better design 2-4 intake and 10-1 compression would have out performed the single 850 to closer to 400 HP but there just is nothing out there for the 364. We will be doing more in the future and next will be a 401.

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