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Newer Carburetor on 1953-1963 Buick

Cars with Dynaflow Because the Dynaflow passing gear linkage attaches to the carburetor you can't just simply bolt on a carb and have everything work (like with a PowerGluide). The lower carburetor lever link needs to move 1 1/4" on a four barrel from Idle to full throttle, the passing gear linkage only moves about 1/2". Buick put a swivel on the carb that allowed this to work, it was designed to pull the rod foreword only at the end of throttle travel. If you install a new Edelbrock (or Holley if you don't have a better carb) you will only get half throttle and you will be driving in passing gear all the time! We make a linkage kit that allows the carburetor to open fully and passing gear only works at full throttle. You can see the kit in the parts section of the website. If you like making your own parts you can copy ours. As far as this problem with the 1953-56 264-322, there were no passing gears until 1955, both 55 and 56 have the passing gear linkage designed to be controlled by the gas peddle linkage and not the carburetor, you will still need to make sure you get your passing gear engaged and carburetor fully open at the same time. The 53-56 four intakes require an adapter to use the newer 4 barrels and we have those available. All 57-66 intakes require a heat plate to protect the aluminum AFB and Edelbrock carburetors, check parts section. Back when I drag raced with the Dynaflow, I had a cable to control it manually and since the passing gear was a switch pitch converter changing stalls gave me two low gears and two drives. Dynaflow linkage instructions The passing gear on the Dynaflow is separate from low and drive, all other transmissions the passing gear shifts down to a lower gear. On the Dynaflow the torque converter changes it’s stall speed, shifting down, letting the engine RPM to increase giving you more power. This will work in low, drive and even reverse. On the 1957-1963 Buick's the Dynaflow passing gear linkage has a small amount of movement compared to how far the lower lever moves on aftermarket carburetors.. The Factory Buick carb has a lower lever that swivels so when driving it will not go into passing gear until the gas pedal goes to the floor. This kit replaces the swivel allowing throttle movement, pulling it into passing gear only when floored. Without this kit you will be in passing gear all the time and only the two primary carb barrels would open. There are pictures in the parts section of the website to help you understand. Installing the new carburetor We recommend Edelbrock or Carter 4 barrel carburetors on these engines. The Holleys do not bolt on without an adapter and will not be as trouble free.. You will also need a heat plate that protects the carb base. Bolt the carb on, do not hook up linkage, have someone get in the car and push the gas pedal to the floor (engine off of course) now open the carb lever to the rear fully open and adjust the your throttle linkage to fit. Modify if necessary to make the rod the correct length. Next the passing gear linkage, install the stud in the lower lever, threaded part toward carb, remove the threaded end of your rod and install the slider part from the kit. We have included a long nut and threaded rod if needed for correct adjustment. With carb all the way open and passing gear linkage pulled all the way forward and adjust the linkage to fit. Make sure there is no binding and the slider works smoothly. Move the gas pedal several times to be 100% sure it comes all the way back. Contact us with any questions.

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