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Installing An AC Compressor On Your Nailhead


The 62-66 Riv’s, Wildcat’s, Skylark GS, Electra’s and LeSabre have it easy, we have all the brackets and pulleys (62 will need inner fender modified for clearance). The 57-58 can use a modified 311 Bracket (narrowed 3/8″) and 62-66 3 groove pulleys and 420L PS setup, but the 53-56 and the 59- 61 are left out. One of the problems is 3 groove belt pulleys, not available and very rare used. If you have a 59-61 Buick you can use a 58 water pump or a 62-66 timing cover and the 62-66 water pump (sorry, can’t put a later water pump on your earlier cover, it bolts on but gasket surface does not match).. But the 311 bracket will not clear the hood and 315 bracket will not clear your upper control arms!, same reason the 315 bracket will not work on a 57-58 Buick. The 59-61 Buick’s will require an electric fan if the shorter 57-58 or 62-66 water pump is used. One way to get around this is install your new two belt groove AC compressor where your generator is now, use the generator belt to drive the compressor, then mount the alternator on the compressor and run a short belt from the extra AC pulley to the alternator. I have seen this done and it works, plenty of belt to pulley contact so no slippage.. I wish I could build these brackets and sell them but working way too many hours in the office to find the time.. If you or someone you know can build the brackets that I feel are well engineered I would buy the patterns from you or you can make them I will sell them to other Buick owners

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