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215-300-340 Tech Info

These Buick engines are NOT nailheads but still excellent. They are small, light weight and powerful. I get a few of calls about them so thought it would be a good idea to add some tech info.. The modern Buick V6 is directly related to the aluminum 215, first available in 1961 it was light and powerful for it's size however it was too expensive to make so the first V6 was make from the 215 design, they came up with the V6 in just 6 months, not out of aluminum but iron. The 215 was used in the 61-63 small Buick's and Oldsmobile's and even some Pontiac's. It was later sold to British Leland and used in Rover's and TR-8's. The 300 was first used in 1964, it was similar to the 215 but taller and wider , it had aluminum heads and intake but an iron block.. The 64 300 aluminum heads must used the water heated 64 aluminum intake.. From 1965-1967 the 300 was all iron, the intake ports were enlarged and the intake was exhaust heated so again you can't correctly use a 64 aluminum intake on a 1965-1967 300 engine. The 4 barrel intakes are getting very hard to find because most 300's came with 2 barrels. These later 300's only had a 4 barrel option in 1965, best place to find one is on a 1965 LeSabre. The 340 was used in 66 and 67 and came in 2 barrel and 4 barrel versions.. To summarize, the 61-63 215 intake, the 64 300, the 65-67 300 and the 66-67 340 intakes will NOT swap. Some parts that will are 64-67 timing covers and water pumps, pulleys, fuel pumps, exhaust manifolds, timing chain sets, rocker arms, distributors, starters, camshafts and lifters, valve covers and a few other parts.. The 215 has many parts that look he same but not. They have there own timing covers, water pumps, not much parts swapping .. I am not going into stroking the 215 with 300 parts and using 64 300 heads, there site that explain that in detail. Trans Selection If you have one of these engines you are lucky when it comes to upgrading your transmission, the 64- 67 300-340 has the BOP trans bolt pattern, that means the common GM bell housings (except Chevy) either stick or automatic with bolt to your engine.. My personal favorite is the early 80's 2004R overdrive but you have many other options. If you have a 215 you are stuck with the special 215 bell housing patterns used on the 61-63 GM cars or the Rovers.

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