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Nailhead Speed Secrets


There are many things that will give you more power, somethings will be a trade off like a bigger cam, more top end but less low in. Here are some proven ways: If you have a 1953-59 264-322-364-401 you can use the 1960-66 aluminum rockers for more lift or even better roller rockers!, You can get 10-20 HP. Use adjustable push rods if your rockers are nonadjustable, put the adjuster side in the valley, zero and preload one full turn (.030), smoother idle and more rpm without valve float..Blocking the heat to the intake manifold, good for 10 hp on any nailhead. Carburetor spacers (NOT INTAKE SPACERS) can give you 10-20 HP.. If you have a two barrel engine put a 4 barrel on it! The little 264 really comes alive with a 322 4 barrel setup. Put stiffer valve springs, even with a stock cam. If you don't have dual exhaust get them, no need to go crazy with huge pipes either. We like to recurve the 1964-66 distributors to dual quad spec's. Keep the RPM's under 5500.. Get a posi! Buick's are about torque so you need to hook up! No need for really low gears.. Buick's like wide spaced gears, no close ratios. If you really want the big HP #'s use longer connecting rods, Pontiac rods easy to use but others work too. Have the heads ported by a Buick expert like Mike Lewis at Pro Tech. Don't waste money on stroking, put the bucks into the heads or buy my blower manifold!

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