distributor recurving

I frequently get asked what to set the initial timing to on whatever perticular car and whether I have any dual quad distributors in stock. You can turn any 57 to 66 nailhead distributor into a dual quad distributor. Matter of fact, other years had similiar curves fron the factory. All curves except dual quad 425s got detuned after the 400 trans got released in 64 "to keep people from breaking the tires loose." As for what to set the initial to, you can't go by the book. The factory nylon limiter bushings are almost never intact still. So if you set it by the book, it will over advance. You need 30 degrees total for stock and mild cams. Base your initial off your required total. For $250 and a core exchange I'll recurve your distributor for performance, cooling, and fuel economy (with pertronix conversion). I do 2 to 5 distributors every week. Turn around time is typically 1 day. MSD also makes a good distributor. But the quality isnt even better than the stock distributor (which is bulletproof) and msd still has to be recurved out the box before being used. Directions for recurving the msd are on the website. Stay away from all those garbage Chinatown HEIs. The 57 to 66 distributors also work on the 264 and 322, have a better breaker plate design than the early distributors. You can actually set the dwell through the cap. Aftermarket rotors dont fit well on the early distributors and vacuum advances are not made new. I also get asked wherher I will sell bushings and springs outright without my service. Unfortunately not, as theres many different advance yokes and weights depending on year and model. Its not a one size fits all.

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