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keeping the gas pedal start

Edelbrock conversion for 53-60 in which the customer wants to keep the gas pedal start feature. The Dynaflow VP/kickdown adapter is also shown for all the 57-63 models. Without that kit, you won't even get half throttle if you just bolt on the existing actuator rod for VP. Here, I used the 400/300 trans kick down switch we sell and am using it as the carb starting switch. Because it activates off the secondary shaft, you must remove the lock out paw that keeps the secondaries from opening when the choke is closed. Replace the paw with an equal thickness washer or use a cut off wheel on your paw to turn it into a washer. Without a washer in there, your fast idle cam screw isn't going to line up. I like to not alter the factory wiring when doing conversions like this, so I'll make an adapting pigtail to the new starter switch. The original carb switch had a vacuum activated lockout check ball to keep the starter from cranking at WOT when the engines already running... but you still have the primary safety features which are: the cranking system loses ground through generator when charging system activates and plus you have the neutral safety switch for protection. Kickdown/starter switch is $39. Dynaflow VP/kickdown linkage kit is also $39.

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