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oil galley plug and freeze plug info

Product spotlight:. . Freeze plugs and oil gallery plug kits. Over the counter push in oil gallery plugs cannot be gotten in the correct size. People force in 5/8 ones that are too large and can fall out because of it. Ours are 1/64" smaller than 5/8, which is correct. 18 bucks for the 57 to 66. 22 bucks for the 322/264. Includes camshaft snap ring. Performance shops also tend to thread in pipe plugs on every engine. Beware it doesn't take much to block or drastically restrict oil getting to the lifter gallery and rockers by using the wrong push in plugs that are also too deep, or with screw in plugs that thread in too far. Never seen a stock or correct size oil gallery plug fall out. No reason for screw in plugs. I'll also add that it's a common mistake that guys leave out the plug at the rear of the pass side lifter gallery which must be gotten to from the back of the block. As for freeze plug sets, we sell both brass and steel. Brass is 40 bucks. Steel is 20. Brass lasts longer for obvious reasons, but as they are softer than steel, I feel steel plugs seal better. Unless otherwise prefered by the customer, I tend to run steel on all my engines. Even with these steel plugs, it's doubtful they will rust out in your lifetime with proper coolant ratio/application. That being said, if you plan to replace freeze plugs with the engine in the car, I HIGHLY recommend going with brass as they install with way less fatigue and frustration. If the engine needs new freeze plugs, also simultaneously assess whether it's more economical to pull the engine and knock out multiple birds with one stone. Prices on listed items are subject to change at any time without warning. #

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josef sierra
josef sierra
Jul 23, 2022

Where can I order two of the gasket plugs for the 401

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