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oil filter housing info

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Spin on housing set ups to be used on the earlier engines. Have what you need in stock. The spin on housings didn't come out till 59. I dont know about you guys, but I hate cartrage style filters with a passion. To the left is the 62 to 66 housing. We have adaptors to run that on the 53 to 61. ( 53 to 55 stock cars have exhaust manifold clearance issues though with that set up..) . In the center is that same adaptor, modified for a late olds housing that we sell as a kit. That clears the 55 and earlier stock exhaust manifolds. To the right is the stock 59/60 housing... be aware that the over the counter spin on adaptors that mount to the stock 53 to 58 cartrage housings typically leak

That is also backward compatible to all earlier nailheads and theres no clearance issues with any exhaust manifolds. That being said, they have become a lot harder to get, so its not uncommon for us to not have any stock. Call us for prices on all of the above.

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