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timing cover identification

Timing covers: pictured is all the 53 to 66 timing covers in order from left to right, outside of factory experimental ones. Far left is 53 to 55. That water pump pattern is specific to those years. All 322/264 engines have the fuel pump mounting boss flipped upside down. Take note the heater hose outlets for trans cooler. Beware of plastic impellor repro waterpumps. They are crap... Then comes the 56 to the right of that. Heater hose outlets are gone and the waterpump pattern changed to the 56 to 61 pattern. The only thing different between the 56 and 57/58 timing cover (3rd over) is the fuel pump boss is flipped to the later pattern starting 57. Matter of fact, the 56 322 water pump is the same as 57 except the flange is pressed on differently for pulley alignment. Then comes the 4th one over which is 59 to 61. Same water pump pattern as the 56 to 58, except one of the water pump bolts up top is now 5/16 instead of quarter inch. ...and Starting 59 all the timing covers are now aluminum and now the timing mark is grafted on and doesnt have to be bolted over the top. 59 to 61 waterpumps are the long snout, but you can run the 57 or 58 on it and pulley spacing will be the same as the 62 to 66. (This excludes special rare AC application pumps.) All the way to the right is the 62 to 66. Notice the square shape of the gasket surface near lower hose water pump outlet. Only the 62 to 66 waterpumps will fit that. we usually have all the timing covers in stock. the new reproduction ones are designed to work on all 57 to 66 applications

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